AURobots can see everything!
Our technology solves the problem of an affordable, efficient vacuum for multi-story homes
of aging people would prefer to stay in their homes, but find vacuuming difficult and would benefit from robotic assistants
 of US homes have more than one story, but no existing robotic vacuum can deal with stairs
Our advantages
3D vision
The robot can see and accurately measure the surrounding space in three dimensions, better than a human does. This lets it recognize the context of the room and make intelligent choices where to clean and how to move around.
3D navigation
Changes in the floor level or the stairs up or down would not be a problem. The robot sees it and makes sense of it in the context of the map it has already created. Just like a human, it knows that the stairs leading up is simply a way to get to the upper floor.
Dynamic environment
People, cats or dogs come and go. Robot's senses help it tell the stationary objects from people and pets. Neither will be hit like the older generation of bump robots would do.

Natural communication
Ask the robot to do the job by saying it — or through an app, whichever you prefer. Get feedback the way you like, too — a brief response by the robot talking back to you, or more information in the app. It's simple and natural.
How it works
1. The robot starts from its home pad in the basement with a plan for daily cleaning.

2. After taking care of the basement, the robot goes upstairs and cleans on its way.
3. On first floor, the robot cleans the hallway most diligently.

4. After the first floor, the robot goes to the second floor, cleaning the stairs on the way.
5. Going through bedrooms where doors are open, and driving around the pile of toys in kids' room.

6. Finally, returning to its pad in the basement — to eject the dust and recharge.
Meet our team
Nick Gorkavyi
R&D Lead. PhD, physicist with NASA experience. Expert in lidars.
Mike Fedorov
Program Lead. MBA, strategy consultant.
Alexander Kutyrev
Engineering Lead. PhD, satellite engineer from NASA.
Tatiana Taidakova
Data Expert. PhD, specialist in 3D & lidar processing.
Al Gorkavyi
Lidar SW/HW Expert. PhD, deep experience with lidars.
Ivan Kutyrev
Mechanical Expert. Experience in fabrication, electronics, CAD.
We are working with enthusiasts, marketing partners, manufacturing organizations and potential investors.
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